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ResCare Academy User Guide

ResCare Academy User Guide


(You can download a PDF copy with screenshots here)

What is ResCare Academy?

Welcome! ResCare Academy is the online training and assessment support tool designed specifically to enable jobseekers to fulfill their potential. The ResCare Academy portal provides accessible on demand, online, interactive classes, videos, tests and personal job trait evaluations for ResCare clients.

This guide will provide instructions on how to login, complete the required Career Trait Profile, and take courses to maximize the user experience.


How do I get registered?

Your email and password have been pre-registered by your assigned Case Manager, Career Advisor, Workshop Facilitator.  The login credentials will be sent to the email address you have provided.


Didn’t receive the registration email?

  • If you have not received your registration email, please check your spam folder for an email from noreply@rescareacademy.com with the subject line “ An administrator created an account for you at ResCare”
  • Contact your assigned Case Manager, Career Advisor, or Workshop Facilitator


Each User is allowed one year of access to the website. This one year begins from your first log in.

Logging Into ResCare Academy


  • Go to: http://www.ResCareAcademy.com
  • Enter your email address or username that was provided in the registration email
  • Enter your password that was provided in the registration email
  • Click “Log In”


Updating your Account Details

If you need to update your profile, please reach out to your Career Advisor.



What is my Career Trait Profile?


After registration is complete, you will now be able to take the Career Trait Profile.  Completing the questionnaire is required before moving on to complete courses.


The Career Trait Profile is a tool that allows you to discover your strengths and levels in a variety of categories such as Tough Mindedness, Flexibility, and Teamwork. This personalized profile will allow you to shine light on your strengths, and offer tips on how to translate that in your resume and interview skills. It will also allow you to see what type of work environment and industry would best suit your personality, allowing you to succeed.


The questionnaire measures if an individual's personality characteristics and general reasoning abilities are a good fit for a job by comparing their traits to those of successful performers in that job. This helps to identify individuals who are a good match or have the right "job fit" for certain job opportunities. 


You should set aside time to complete the questions when you will not be interrupted. The Career Trait Profile is online, presented in a multiple-choice format, and will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.


After you have completed the test, a personal report will be provided to you.  The information in the report is best used along with your career counselor for choosing jobs and careers that best suit you, as well as, preparing yourself for interviews and continuing education to develop your talents.


Your Case Manager, Career Advisor, or Workshop Facilitator has access to you Career Trait Profile and is available to discuss the results with you.


Completing your Career Trait Profile


Please allow yourself enough time to complete the assessment. Your answers will not be saved if you have to close prior to finishing. If you are in a site Resource room, please ensure you will have enough time to complete the entire profile. The assessment should take approximately 20 minutes.



  • Click Take an Assessment
  • Complete each question as accurately as possible
  • Submit your completed profile


It is a good idea to print out the results of your Career Trait Profile. Your Case Manager, Career Advisor, or Workshop Facilitator has access to you Career Trait Profile and is available to discuss the results with you.


Viewing the Results of your Career Trait Profile

Take time to read through each section of your personalized Career Trait Profile.

  • The assessment is broken into six sections, and a brief overview is provided in each section:
    •  Planning
    • Tough Mindedness
    • Flexibility
    • Extroversion
    • Stress Resistance
    • Teamwork


  • Each section will provide you with helpful information in presenting your strengths to employers
  • To expand each section,  Click “More”
  • Articles on Career Tips and Interview Skills are also available in this section, next to the Results tab


Taking Courses


Congratulations on completing your Career Trait Profile! Now you are ready to gain the skills you need to get the jobs you want.



Several of the courses in ResCare Academy are accredited by nationally recognized entities such as:

1)      NASBA’s National Registry of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Sponsors

2)       M IACET: Internationally recognized standards provider for continuing education and training

3)      The PMI Project Management Institute

4)      HR Certification Institute

5)      University of Phoenix

6)      Continuing Nursing Education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation (ANCC)

7)      The Florida Board of Nursing (License number 50-955)

8)      The California Board of Registered Nursing (CEP 13786)


All courses and videos have certificates available for printing once you have completed them with a score above 80 percent. If you do not achieve an 80 percent, you can review the course material and re-take the assessment as many times as you want to, to receive your certificate. If you’ve completed the course with the score of 80 percent or higher you can obtain your certificate in the Final Results section.


Things to Know before Taking Courses

1)      There are several courses that will require you to enter additional information because the course allows you to be eligible for continuing education credits. This is to ensure that you obtain credit for your certification/license.  If you do not have a certification or license number, please enter a series of zeros and move forward.

2)      Some courses will require you to allow the Java applet to run. In order to start the course, you must click “Allow to Run”.

3)      Please note, in order to track your progress, time, and score, some courses require that you keep an additional browser window open. The wording on this window will prompt you not to close it. Please do not close it! If you close it, your progress will not be tracked.

4)      Some courses will calculate score cumulatively, meaning, as you go through the course and are in progress, you will see your Score increase iteratively in your “My Courses” section.


If you are taking a course at a ResCare office, their computers have been prepared to meet the system requirements. If you are on an alternate computer i.e library, home, or computer lab elsewhere, please check the systems requirements by reviewing the PC Specs on the last page of this guide to ensure the courses will run properly.



From the Results Tab

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page (from the results tab) and Click Take Courses on the right


  • Click “Take Courses” at the top of the page on the right


From the Career Tips or Interview Skills Tab:

  • Click “Take Courses” at the top of the page on the right


Enrolling in Courses

After clicking on “Take Courses” you will be on the Course Library tab which houses all of the classes, from here, you can “Launch” courses and you will automatically be enrolled in the course.


  • Select the appropriate category and the available courses will appear with the course title, description and course type
  • Click “Launch” to start the course


  • Please remember to disable pop ups in order to view the course
  • Your course will launch in a new window
  • Some courses will require you to allow the Java applet to run. In order to start the course, you must click “Allow to Run”.


Search Box

  • Enter title of Course in the Search Box
  • click “Search” and the relevant class will appear


My Courses

The classes for which you have enrolled will be available under the My Courses tab.  You will have the following options to take action on your courses once enrolled or completed.


  • Continue Course: Launch course again that has status of In Progress
  • Re-take Course: Course has been completed but not with 80% or higher
  • Review Course: Review completed courses with scores of 80% or higher


You will be able to see and track your activity on the My Courses tab with the following:


  • Status
  • Time Spent
  • Final Result


Who can see My Courses?

Your Case Manager, Career Advisor, or Workshop Facilitator can review the courses you are enrolled and the progress you are making. This includes the amount of time per course, number of courses and participation in ResCare Academy.


Pre 6/10/12 Courses

This section will house courses that you were enrolled in prior to 6/10/12. You will not be able to launch courses from this section. You will need to go back to the Course Library to enroll in courses you may want to take.


Completing Courses


  • Click Launch to start the course


  • Please remember to disable pop up blockers in order to take the course (if you are unfamiliar with disabling pop up blockers – please see the help section for more information)
  • View each section (some of modules include questions throughout the lesson)



Completed Courses

After you have finished a course with a passing score of 80% you will have the option to print a certificate. If you do not receive an 80%, you can return and take the course again to have it marked as completed. Should you ever feel like refreshing your skills, any course is available for you to re take at any point.


How do I print my certificate?


  • Go to My Courses
  • Scroll to the course you want to print the certificate for
  • Click on the get certificate link in the Final Results section 


Please remember to Log Out once you have completed your session for the day.